Witness tree at the Southeast corner of Section 4, T10N, R3W

In May, 1891, George Appleby found the southeast corner of Section 4, T10N, R3W, and marked a 26″ diameter white oak witness tree which was standing S29°W, 10.56 feet from the corner. The witness tree is still standing so we reset the corner from the tree. This is a picture of Dan standing next to […] Read more »

Crawford County remonumentation project

After close to 140 years of neglect, the Crawford County Board of Supervisor’s recognized the importance of finding and replacing the section and quarter section corners set by the original government surveyors before all of the corners were destroyed. They began the task in 1982 by hiring me to look for and replace these corners […] Read more »

An original mound of earth set by John Mullett

Here I am standing on a mound of earth on the south bank of the Wisconsin River. This is on the line between Section 12, T9N, R6E and Section 7, T9N, R7E in Dane County, Wisconsin. This was set by John Mullet while doing the original survey on October 23, 1832. The Chicago Milwaukee St. […] Read more »

Finding the tip of a wood post

This corner was in the center of the road at the intersection of Old Bluff Trail and River Road. This is the southeast corner of Section 9, T9N R6E about two miles west of the Village of Sauk City. I dug with a backhoe. Once we had dug below the road surface we had to […] Read more »

Blaze in original witness tree

I found this original bur oak witness tree stump at the west 1/4 corner of Section 1, T9N, R6E the day after it was cut down. The person who did the sawing cut through the lower blaze. When I found the person that took the wood for burning they let me take the piece with […] Read more »