Assessors Plats

Whenever any area of platted or unplatted land is owned by 2 or more persons in severalty, and when in the judgment of the governing body having jurisdiction, the description of one or more of the different parcels thereof cannot be made sufficiently certain and accurate for the purposes of assessment, taxation or tax title procedures without noting the correct metes and bounds of the same, or when such gross errors exist in lot measurements or locations that difficulty is encountered in locating new structures, public utilities or streets, such governing body may cause a plat to be made for such purposes.

Such plat shall be called “assessor’s plat,” and shall plainly define the boundary of each parcel, and each street, alley, lane or roadway, or dedication to public or special use, as such is evidenced by the records of the register of deeds or a court of record. Such plats in cities may be ordered by the city council, in villages by the village board, in towns by the town board or the county board