Certified Survey Maps (CSMs)

A Certified Survey Map (CSM), consisting of 4 or less parcels of land designated as lots or outlots, may be recorded in the register of deeds office of the county in which the land is located. Such a CSM may be used to divide land for sale or exchange between land owners, create lots for building or other development, clarify metes and bounds descriptions, reconfigure parcels within a recorded subdivision plat, assessor’s plat, or certified survey map, add land to an existing subdivision, assessor’s plat, or certified survey map, consolidate parcels in adjoining subdivisions, assessor’s, plats, or certified survey map and define and convey interest in lands dedicated to the public.

I’m purchasing a lot and house in a recorded subdivision. Since a part of the sale price is for the land where my house is built, I would like to know where the corners are located and would like a map which shows the improvements on my lot and any encroachments over the lot lines.
(Click here to download PDF Plat of survey)

I am dividing my lot into a few smaller Lots. Certified surveys are regulated by County, City, Village and Township ordinances.
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