Corners in the swamp

This is a concrete monument with a brass cap set by the Department of Agriculture Biological Survey in 1934 (now known as the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service). We found the corner still standing but buried in a couple of feet of mud in the Mississippi River bottom just north of the City of Prairie […] Read more »

Looking for a stone that has been removed

At the east 1/4 corner of Section 11, T6N R6W there was record of a stone set by J.J. Hurlbut. After spending some time looking for the stone we took our shovels and started digging for the corner. We removed the top soil and in the subsoil found a black mark mathcing the dimensions of […] Read more »

Digging for the southeast corner of Farm Lot 43

When Lucius Lyon did the original survey of the Private Land Claims in Prairie du Chien in 1828, he set a wood post in a swamp at the southeast corner of Farm Lot 43. We dug a hole 20 feet deep with the Crawford County backhoe before we found peat moss with cat tails and […] Read more »

Digging for the corner with shovels

Ron pointing at a stone we found at the northeast corner of section 29, T7N R5W while digging with a shovel. The shovel is the least expensive piece of equipment I own but is the most valuable piece of equipment when it comes to looking for the corners. When looking for corners I will usually […] Read more »