Crawford County remonumentation project


After close to 140 years of neglect, the Crawford County Board of Supervisor’s recognized the importance of finding and replacing the section and quarter section corners set by the original government surveyors before all of the corners were destroyed. They began the task in 1982 by hiring me to look for and replace these corners with permanent markers which will last far into the future. These corners are the basis for the location of almost all of the property lines in Crawford County. This has been a daunting task and as time progresses the evidence of these corners is becoming more and more difficult to find. The first year I worked on the Crawford County remonumentation program was 1982. This is a picture of me pointing at a stone we found in the middle of Ward Road at the south 1/4 corner of Section 3, T6N R6W. This was the first corner we found and set when the remonumentation program started.