Blaze in original witness tree





I found this original bur oak witness tree stump at the west 1/4 corner of Section 1, T9N, R6E the day after it was cut down. The person who did the sawing cut through the lower blaze. When I found the person that took the wood for burning they let me take the piece with the upper part of the blaze. I split the stump at the blaze mark and could see the upper portion of the scribed 1/4 as if it were put there a few days ago. We set the corner from the tie to the tree and it fell in the middle of Grand Avenue in the Village of Prairie du Sac Wisconsin. The road had just been resurfaced and we had to beg the public works director to let us put a Harrison monument in for the corner. With permission, Cliff dug a small hole in Grand Avenue with the post hole digger. He was only a few inches from finishing when he hit and broke open a buried gas line. The power company had to dig a 3 foot hole in the new road for patching the gas line. the last time I looked the 3 foot patch was still there. Don’t forget to call diggers hotline.

Original-notes-north-on-east-side-Section-1-T9N-R7E (PDF)